Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve your business. (And check below a surprise upgrade with no additional cost)

One of our staff will reach you at the email address provided by you during your purchase process to get started with design process. Please note: We never ask for payments on the phone or email. Never pay anyone pretetending that they represent Pixels Pride LLC. 

Your next step while you are waiting for our email communication is to pick your hosting account and domain name.

While is it fully optional, we recommend hosting with HostGator. We also have partnered with them and by using our referral link below and signup for your hosting with them, you receive few upgrades to your single page website.

BUT.. This is a very limited time offer and we can only honor this if you sign up in next 3 hours.

Here is a list of cool upgrades you get with no additional cost to you if you host your website with HostGator using our referral link. We will receive a small referral fee from them and we can divert some benefit to our customers by adding cool features they love. Another Win-Win business model from Pixels Pride.

Why HostGator?

1. Hostgator is a web hosting company in the hosting business since 2002. They are very reliable and offer great customer service

2. They are very affordable. Their inaugural plan starts at $2.75 a month

3. They offer great uptime (99.9% uptime guaranteed) which is essential for any business website.

4. They also offer free SSL certificate and domain name for 1 year.

5. There is no bandwidth limits.

Click Here for exploring their hosting options and to find out more about them.


Great Upgrades At No Cost To You

  1. Get a lead generation form 
  2. Get an exclusive Thank you page
  3. We upgrade your site to 3 pages 
  4. HostGator provides SSL for free. We will install SSL and make your site more secured 

Explore more about all these features below (with information about how you can use each of them)

Lead Gen Form

A lead gen form is normally kept on the top section of the home page Or even use it on a lead generation page exclusively. A prospect can fill this form and you get the contact information so you can follow up.

How can you use it?

Offer a Free quote Or a no obligation phone consultation or a free massage session (you get the idea)

Custom Thank You Page

We will direct your prospect to a special thank you page when they submit the lead gen form. 

How Can You Use It?

Your prospect contacted you already. Now you can show them on this specail thank you page more good things about your service. Do you have raving testimonials? How is your service different from others? Do you have special skills? Show them here on this Thank You page.

Get Extra Pages at no cost

You will receive a 3 page website in the place of 1.

How Can You Use It?

More pages get more exposure and you can use it for better Search Engine Optimization also. You can use one page as a special “thank you” page. Other page can be used to demonstrate your services, previous projects, or even as a email capturing page or offer coupons.

Get SSL Certificate

HostGator offers a free SSL certificate with hosting account. We will install the certificate on your domain.

Why You Need SSL?

In layman terms, using SSL means, you get your website as “https” which shows your customers and search engines your website is secured to submit Email addresses, Phone numbers and Credit card information.